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Dead in the Water was a virtual representation of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


While investigating a mother' missing son in Apollonia, Bayek discovers a plan that seriously jeopardizes the future safety of Egypt.


While in Apollonia, Bayek came across a woman crying for help.

  • Agatha: Please save my boy. He's not a criminal! Will no-one help my son? He's served Rome well!

Bayek approached the wailing woman.

  • Agatha: Thank you for stopping, my husband was a protector like you. I have screamed myself hoarse for days. No one cares.
  • Bayek: What seems to be the problem, nebet?
  • Agatha: My Titus, my poor Titus. Imprisoned at the barracks for trying to leave the army.
  • Bayek: He's a deserter?
  • Agatha: No, a hero. He'd had enough, stood up against the Roman army and joined the rebels. Please, he's my only child and all I have left.
  • Bayek: I will look into it, don't worry.
ACO Apollonia Roman Barracks

The Apollonia Roman Barracks

Bayek infilitrated the Apollonia Roman Barracks, finding a man held in a cage in one of the buildings.

  • Bayek: Are you Titus? Your mother sent me.
  • Titus: Yes, by the gods, thank you protector, but Egypt is in danger, I must get free.

Bayek unlocked the cage and untied Titus. He then escorted him out of the barracks to a safe location.

  • Bayek: Why would the army lock up their own men?
  • Titus: Papo taught me to be a fighter, but he believed in honor and justice. The Navarch of the Roman fleet at Apollonia Marcellus Asina, is planning an invasion.
  • Bayek: They mean to take Egypt...
  • Titus: Yes, so I deserted. I will not stay here doing Leander and Flavius' dirty work.
  • Bayek: Where is the Navarch?
  • Titus: on his ship. He patrols the waters between Cyrene and Apollonia. Killing him will throw the fleet into chaos.
  • Bayek: Go with Iset, Titus. I will deal with the Navarch.

Bayek headed to the shore and boarded a felucca, tracking down the Navarch on his ship. After boarding the ship, he eliminated the Navarch and his men.

  • Bayek: Your reckoning is between you and the gods.


Bayek helped Agatha to rescue his son, learning of an plan to invade Egypt by the Navarch. Before he can do so, Bayek assassinated him.



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