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Dead Men's Gold was a Helix Rift Event in Assassin's Creed: Rebellion that lasted from March 18–23, 2020. It comprised of five missions set in the Caribbean shortly after the War of the Spanish Succession and followed Edward Kenway as he lead the crew of the Sea Dog's Bite on a hunt for a wrecked Spanish galleon rumored to be laden with treasure.

Successful mission synchronization gave players Data Nodes which unlocked various reward tiers based on the total Nodes collected, with the top tier granting players the ability to play Kenway in future missions, Level 5 crafting material, Codex, and Helix Credits. Players could earn extra Nodes if they used one or more of the following Sync Bonus Heroes:

Node Bonuses per Hero
Hero Bonus Data Nodes
Gershon Deloya +50% initially, +25% for
each additional rank
Magdalena Suárez
Flora de la Cruz +75% initially, +25% for
each additional rank
Perina di Bastian
Rodrigo de Mendoza +100% initially, +25% for
each additional rank
Al Mualim

Official Synopsis

It is 1713, the end of the War of Spanish Succession. Edward Thatch and the crew of the
Sea Dog's Bite, newly turned pirates, are looking for their first big score! Newly joined crew-mate, Edward Kenway, is eager to prove his worth to his fellow pirates.

Their ambition will take them from one end of the Caribbean to the other. They will become entangled with the servants of the very tyrant they chose to escape, and they will seek their fortune in this new Time Limited Event: DEAD MEN'S GOLD!


Chapter 1 – Kingston

Chapter 2 – Kingston

Chapter 3 – Bahamas

Chapter 4 – Bahamas

Chapter 3 – Bahamas


  • Edward Kenway's model wears Duncan Walpole's Assassin robes, despite being in Thatch's crew at the time and not meeting Walpole until two years later after the Jacobite was wrecked.
  • During the mission, Edward referred to British guards as George I's soldiers. It is anachronistic as the memory took place in 1713 and George became King of Great Britain in 1714.


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