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The De la Serre family was a French noble family with very strong ties to the Templar Order. They were fairly wealthy, and maintained several luxury estates in Versailles and Paris.


A very old and noble family, the De la Serres had always possessed strong roots in the Templar Order. For several decades a De la Serre had held the position of Grand Master of the French Rite. They also held close ties with their British counterparts, the Carroll family of England.

By the time of the 18th century, the family consisted of François de la Serre, his wife Julie de la Serre and their daughter Élise de la Serre. The family also took in the son of an Assassin, Arno Dorian, and raised him as their ward. In 1776, Julie and Elise were attacked in a Paris alley by two men, one of whom wielded a Hidden Blade. Julie managed to fight and kill one, but was doubtful of the veracity of the apparent Assassin. The family suffered a tragedy later on when Julie fell fatally ill and died in 1778, leaving her husband and daughter devastated, and was further diminished with Francois' murder in a coup in 1789 during a ceremony welcoming Elise into the Order.

With the deaths of her parents, Elise was left the sole survivor of the de la Serre family and spent many years tracking down the man who orchestrated the coup against her family, François-Thomas Germain. Though Germain was indeed slain, Elise was killed in the attempt and her death rendered the De la Serre family extinct.




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