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"To the unknowing eye, an unassuming warehouse. But to our Brotherhood? Your new headquarters!"
―Gérald to Aveline, 1768.[src]

The de Grandpré warehouse was a storehouse owned by Philippe de Grandpré. Overlooking the Mississippi river, it was one of many storage facilities located in the docks of New Orleans.

By 1768, the Assassins Gérald Blanc, Philippe's accountant, and Aveline de Grandpré had begun to secretly use the warehouse as their headquarters.


The warehouse's ground floor consisted of a single chamber, used to house various products, some neatly stacked while others were strewn about more chaotically. Other employees could often be seen making various repairs, sweeping the floor or browsing the wares. A large wooden staircase led to the first floor.

The first floor housed the warehouse's office, from where the de Grandpré's ran their trading empire. It was noticeably more quaint than the ground floor, featuring rugs, large bookcases, a fireplace and comfortable chairs. As such, the office was a frequent meeting place of Aveline and Gérald, who often used it to discuss matters related to the family business or the Assassin Order.

Adjoining the office was a smaller room which, by 1768, was used to accommodate Aveline's collection of weaponry, albeit displayed in a decorative manner so as not to arouse any suspicion. It also contained a closet, where Aveline kept her three guises.


  • Aveline could blend with two civilians located on the warehouse's ground floor, while wearing any of her three guises. Normally, she was only able to blend when dressed as a slave.



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