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Davud bin Hassan (c. 1462 – 1482) was a young Turkish thief of Constantinople active during the 15th century.


One day, circa 1475, after Davud witnessed Yusuf Tazim stealing the purse of Selime, the older boy followed him and attacked him in a side street. After a quick brawl during which Yusuf broke his nose, Davud bested Yusuf. After telling Yusuf his name, Davud revealed that the money Yusuf had just stolen was everything Selime possessed after she fled her abusive husband with her children. After a shameful Yusuf accepted to give back the purse, the thirteen years old offered to train Yusuf so he could steal from the right people and defend the smallfolk of the Baazar with him. During the following years, the two friends assembled a small group of thieves who stole from the riches and protected the poor of the Baazar.[1]

By 23 April 1480, the eighteen-year-old Davud had amassed a network of young spies and thieves. At the bayram of Hidirellez, Davud told his thieves not to steal from legitimate businesses, at the festival. Hidirellez was about community after all.[1]

In 1482, Yusuf and Davud decided to break into the rich house of the Baazar's new owner, to steal as much as they could so they could help the merchants of the Baazar after their rents had been quadrupled, forcing many to leave. However, as the pair were discreetly looting the upper stairs of the house the owner came back home with a guest, trapping the two friends into the house. As the foreign merchant went upstair looking for alcohol to celebrate his increased wealth, Davud prompted Yusuf, the quickest of the two and the only one having a hook blade, to flee with their loot while he stayed behind to stall the merchant. As the door opened Davud jumped on the man but eventually the merchant stabbed him in the throat as a distraught Yusuf disappeared into the night thanks to the weapon he inherited from his Assassin father.[1]

Personality and characteristics

Davud was a highly perceptive individual and was somehow aware of the existence of the Brotherhood and the Templar Order.[1]