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David was a young American boy living in Salem during the 17th century and secretly the son of Assassin Jennifer Querry and an ancestor to 21st century Assassin Joseph Laurier.


Salem Witch Trials

During the Salem witch trials in 1692, the young mute was imprisoned in an underground dungeon along with other people suspected of witchcraft. There he befriended Dorothy Osborne, a young girl who, unknown to her jailers, was endowed with psychic powers. David was rescued when his mother and another Assassin, Tom Stoddard, came to get Dorothy; they were on a mission to locate a Piece of Eden in Salem, and had found it to be Dorothy. Thanks to David, the Assassins discovered a hidden passage and fled the dungeon and the angry mob of fanatics sent after them under a false pretext by the Templar and Puritan minister William Stoughton.[1]

The exhausted group ended up in a swamp near the city, where Stoddard, carrying Dorothy, realized that Querry was too tired to carry David anymore, slowing them down even as the mob was gaining on them. Unaware that David was Querry's son, Stoddard tried to convince Querry to abandon him, reminding her that their ultimate duty was to prevent Dorothy and her mysterious abilities from falling into the hands of the Templars. Despite Querry's resolve not to leave the boy alone in the swamp, Stoddard told David to hide and later go to Ipswich, where he had a contact that could protect him. Querry disagreed with Stoddard, but exhausted and unable to carry him anymore, she was forced to leave David behind as the Puritan mob caught up with the Assassins and injured her with a pistol shot.[2]

David was eventually captured by the Templars, along with his mother, Stoddard and Dorothy and the four of them were brought back to the underground dungeon in Salem. There the Templars tortured Stoddard in order to learn why among all the prisoners he took the two children. At some point, Stoughton realized that one of the children had a gift. With Stoddard refusing to talk, Stoughton threatened to torture David, prompting a panicked Querry to claim that she was ready to talk. Before she could say anything, Consus possessed Dorothy, revealing to the Templars that the girl was the gifted one. Using the diversion, Querry freed herself and Stoddard, killing one of the Templars in the process. She tried to save her son, but was killed by Stoughton, who shot her and Stoddard.[3]

However, as Stoughton was talking to Samuel Parris about his plan for Dorothy, the girl killed herself, throwing herself into a fire begun during the brawl in order to prevent the Templars from using her and causing more innocent deaths. As an enraged Stoughton was strangling Stoddard shouting that he would gladly burn all the women of the colonies to find another like Dorothy, a horrified Parris shot his fellow Templar in both of his shoulders, telling him that the murder of innocents had to stop. Exchanging some words with Stoddard, telling him that the Templars were not evil, Parris let Stoddard go with the other prisoners and David. [3]

Later life

After he buried his fellow Assassin and Dorothy, Stoddard correctly deduced that if Querry had showed such a maternal instinct toward David, it was because she was secretly his mother, and decided to take the boy under his wing and raise him. He also promised to teach him how to read and gave David the book that his own father had given him when he was a boy, Dante's Inferno.[3]

As the Templars were threatening David's life and while possessed by Consus, Dorothy stated that David would survive the events of Salem and would see "the Moon rise over the Temples of the Sun."[3]


  • David, like his mother Jennifer Querry, is an ancestor of Joseph Laurier, a respected Assassin whose loyalty was questioned in the 21st century.
  • It is unclear if at the time of the witch trials, David knew that Querry was his mother.



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