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Daughters of Artemis and Daughters of Aphrodite was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


A rebel faction of the Daughters of Artemis made camp near Lalaia. Kassandra ventured there to investigate their intentions and seek aid for the threatened village.


After becoming leader of the Daughters of Artemis, Kassandra learned of a group of Daughters that had rebelled against her leadership happened to be near Lalaia, which was in need of skilled warriors to defend it. She made her way to the Forest Camp to negotiate.

  • Kassandra: Hello?

The Daughters returned her greeting with a somewhat hostile gaze.

  • Kassandra: The traditional welcome of the Daughters of Artemis.
  • Abrota: You are the Eagle Bearer, Messenger of Zeus, and Leader of the Daughters of Artemis?
  • Kassandra: I earned the title by defeating Daphnae. I've come to ask for your help. The village near here is under siege by the Sons of Xerxes.
  • Abrota: We followed Daphnae. We do not follow you. You are a brute and a thug. Great leaders aren't measured by the piles of bodies at their feet, but by the help they give others.

  • Kassandra: Without the sword and spear of my grandfather, King Leonidas, this coast would belong to the Persians. Great leaders protect us from invasion, no matter the price in blood.

  • Kassandra: A selfish leader is no leader at all. A good leader helps people in their time of need.

  • Abrota: A great leader also provides for their people. Daphnae always kept us in meat and shelter. You kill animals for trophies. Like the god you champion, you are selfish. Why would we trust you?

  • Kassandra: If Artemis found me unworthy, I would not have returned with the pelts of the Nemean Lion or Kallisto the Bear. If anything, this proves me more Artemis' champion than Zeus'.

  • Kassandra: I grew up with nothing and have not forgotten the ache of hunger. I take what I need and no more.

  • Abrota: Why do you care about this village and why do you expect our sympathy? What do we stand to gain from this?

  • Kassandra: This forest may provide you with food and shelter for now, but you won't be able to fend off the Sons of Xerxes for long. You need those resources.

  • Kassandra: The women of Lalaia have food and shelter, but are not prepared to defend themselves from raiding bandits. An alliance benefits you both.

Abrota considered Kassandra's responses.

  • Abrota: Power radiates off you the same way it did Daphnae. I can see now why you carry her title. If you can get me and my best warrior to yield, then my bow and sisters are yours.

  • Abrota: I'm surprised by your compassion, Hero, and beginning to see what Daphnae saw in you. Still, I do not submit to any leader who cannot defeat me and my best warrior in combat. If you can get me on my back, then I bow. Only then.

  • Abrota: Telesilla, join me!

The two women attacked Kassandra, but she defeated them swiftly.

  • Abrota: I yield! You have proven yourself worthy of your titles. My warriors and I are yours.
  • Kassandra: You fought well. You know the direction of Lalaia, yes?
  • Abrota: Of course. We'll gather our things and join you there.
  • Kassandra: I expect to see you defending Lalaia when the Sons of Xerxes attack.
  • Abrota: Yes, Champion.

If this is the last of the three quests completed:

  • Kassandra: I've done all I can for these women. Time to get back to Periktione.


  • Kassandra dueled Abrota and Telesilla, earning the loyalty of the camp's Daughters of Artemis and recruiting them to the defense of Lalaia.


  • This quest is only available if the player has assumed leadership of the Daughters of Artemis by killing Daphnae at the end of Artemis's Request.
  • For the purposes of Abrota's final statement, the first dialogue choices are decidedly "assertive" in tone and the second dialogue choices are decidedly "compassionate."


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