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Ezio: "What about these poison bombs? How lethal are they?"
Piri: "Quite lethal, dostum (my friend). We distill our poison from the datura plant. A pretty little flower with a deadly secret. This one kills... slowly but surely. Be very careful, for your sake and for others'."
—Piri Reis and Ezio Auditore, 1511.[src]-[m]
ACR Datura bomb

A datura bomb with fuse casing

A datura bomb is an explosive that disperses toxic gas upon detonation, slowly poisoning any passersby who breathes the fumes within the blast radius.


In the early 1500s, the Master Assassin Piri Reis taught the Italian Assassins' Mentor Ezio Auditore how to craft and use datura bombs, as they could be made with any shell or gunpowder type combined with powdered samples from the datura genus of flower.[1] The Ottoman Assassins had found them to be highly effective in eliminating clusters of guards from their posts. However, due to its indiscriminate nature, civilian casualties were a very real possibility when they were present. The Byzantine Empire's heavily-armored Almogavars seemed particularly vulnerable to the toxins, though the same could not be said of their Ottoman counterpart, the Janissaries.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The achievement "Mosh Pit" could be unlocked by poisoning ten or more guards with one datura bomb.




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