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ACCC DB Zhang Yong

Health: High
Damage: High
Attack Speed: Fast
Detection: Fast


  • Counters standard attacks to front and rear
  • Counters heavy attacks to front
  • Revenge attack
  • Can no be jump or slide assassinated

Zhang Yong (1470–1532) was a Templar and a member of the group eunuchs known as the Tigers.

After years of being Liu Jin's right-hand man, he was initiated as a Templar and started working for them instead of simply for himself. The other men recuited in the "Tigers" coterie were all selected by him and Templars.

Zhang Yong had to get rid of Liu Jin to take control of the Empire. He did so by betraying his Master, he planted incriminating information about an assassination attempt against the Emperor, this successfully had Liu Jin condemned and executed.

After this major success, Zhang Yong was free to plot in the imperial court, and when Emperor Zhengdesic died, it was his time of glory. Not only did he use the panic of the interregnum to cleanse the Forbidden City and even Beijing from his opponents and Assassins, but he succeeded in putting Jiajing on the throne, knowing that the man would gladly delegate the real power to men like him rather than taking care of them himself.

After this troubled period, Zhang Yong retired and pulled the strings of power from the shadows, manipulating men like Yan Song while he remained concealed and far from suspicion.

A master of the sword and protected by his men Zhang Yong is best singled out before attacking.

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