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Health: High
Damage: High
Attack Speed: Fast
Detection: Fast

*Revenge Attack

Major-General Sir William Henry Sleeman, was a British soldier and administrator in India, but also a Master Templar.

Born in Stratton, Cornwall, Sleeman joined the Bengal Army in 1814. In 1820, he started his administrative career and rose quickly both in the military and in his magisterial duties during the next fifteen years. In the meantime, he was actively searching for ancient artifacts for the benefit of the Templar Order, and during his endeavors, noticeably found dinosaur fossils in the Narmada Valley region, a discovery that may have been of little interest to his Order, but made him famous in the scientific community.

Sleeman is also well known for having led the suppression of the Thuggee assassins society in India between 1835 and 1839. His crusade was first motivated by the belief that the Order of Assassins had links with the Thugs, which he never discovered.

In 1839, Sleeman was required to take over the command of Francis Henry Sharples-Cotton, a fellow Templar killed during a mission to assassinate Maharajah Ranjit Singh, in Amritsar. Sleeman discovered notes about Cotton's recent activities, amongst them a full dossier about Arbaaz Mir, and the presence of a First Civilization site right below the palace. Hidden in a safe, was a mysterious box and documents related to its supposed powers, but without the help of Cotton, Sleeman could not do much about it. Between notes suggesting a power source and the fact that Arbaaz Mir might have stolen the Koh-I-Noor, Sleeman decided to focus his efforts on the Assassin Brotherhood located by Cotton in Amritsar.