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This article is about the Animus Omega database entry. You may be looking for the Animus 2.0 or 2.01 entry.
ACID database thieves

Renaissance thieves were usually wanderers who could vanish at the first sign of trouble, making it hard for guards to track them.

Black market business in Renaissance Italy was booming. Muggings in the major cities were fairly common, as were murders. Often, strollers were attacked in the dead of night, killed, robbed and then rolled into the nearest river or canal. Even if a thief merely stole, rather than killed, the penalties if caught were often unduly harsh. Torture was common. Thieves were put in stocks and sometimes even publically executed.


  • The official Facebook[1] and Twitter[2] posts confirm that the entry exists in the game, but how to get it is unclear. Stranger still, no thieves are in the game's latest patch, despite the developers teasing their presence in a Q&A.[3]


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