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BOONE: It stands upright, as a man, but its whole body is covered in a thick pelt. Its gait is slow and lurching - I've seen it with my own two eyes. It's clever, always at a distance or with something between us - like it knows where I'm gonna be before I get there. Things go missing where it goes, that much is certain. All manners of trinket. Took a man's prize antlers clear off his cabin wall. Takes kills outta traps too, wrenching 'em open with his big mitts. Somebody should find it and bring back its head for the world to see.

CONNOR: I found the beast Boone spoke of, covered in fur head to toe. Whereas the tales of his wits and bent for theft are true, those of him being a monster are not. He is just a man. A man who chooses to live in solitude. As for the missing property, I might suggest being more careful.

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