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AC4DB - Queen's Staircase

Sixty-five steps carved directly into the promontory rock, the Queens [sic] Staircase connects the lower town to the fortifications above. Slaves carved the steps by hand in 1773-74 into the 102' (31m), solid limestone cliff.

(Note: Saw it on my honeymoon. Too bad the dates don't match our Virtual Experience. Local legend was that the steps were carved to honor Queen Victoria's reign - one step for every year. - ML)

(Note: I call BS, Queen Victoria wasn't born yet in 1774. - JM)

(Note: They saw it coming! Anyways, it's a cool structure. I say we sneak it in. - RL)

(Note: No fudging dates! - DM)

(Note: D, you're such a killjoy. - RL)

(Note: It's too iconic to leave out. It goes in. - OG)

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