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Jacopo de' Pazzi
Date of Birth: 1421.
Profession: Banker, Noble.

Bernardo di Bandino Baroncelli
Date of Birth: 1453.
Profession: Banker.

Stefano da Bagnone
Date of Birth: 1418.
Profession: Priest, Advisor to Jacopo de' Pazzi.

Antonio Maffei
Date of Birth: 1450.
Profession: Priest.

Francesco Salviati
Date of Birth: 1443.
Profession: Archbishop of Pisa.

Jacopo de' Pazzi. The money. This guy was the head of the Pazzi family, and he ran their banking business. An associate of Lorenzo de' Medici, he had nothing against him personally, so he hired four Templar hitmen to take care of the situation for him:

Bernardo di Bandino Baroncelli. Brought up to hate the Medici family for the exile of his cousins, Baroncelli ran the numbers in the Pazzi bank by day and murdered for the Templars at night. It was Baroncelli who delivered the first blow.

Stefano da Bagnone. Known for his cruelty, Bagnone was trained in Rome as a Templar butcher. It was Bagnone who stabbed Lorenzo de' Medici in the back.

Antonio Maffei. Witness to the sacking of Volterra by Florentine mercenaries, Maffei blamed Lorenzo. He joined the Templars to seek revenge. It was Maffei who slashed Lorenzo's neck.

Archbishop Francesco Salviati. Convinced he would be the next archbishop of Florence, Salviati was enraged when Lorenzo stood in his way. But the Templars were there to heal his wounds. It was Salviati who marched their troops into the city.


Assassin's Creed II Database Entry - The Pazzi Conspirators

Assassin's Creed II Database Entry - The Pazzi Conspirators

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