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BOONE: I've never seen him myself but I've heard the stories from here to Kentucky. A German mercenary- Hessians they call 'em- was fighting a battle when a cannonball took his head clean off. His whole battalion was routed and they lost the encounter. But the lad didn't die. He's been wandering the bush on horseback around the battlefield ever since, searching for his head, chasin' innocents when he sees 'em, taking their domes for his own. He wears a pumpkin for a head now, until he finds what he's looking for. Like I said, I haven't seen 'em, but I have seen the bodies he leaves tying about, headless and grotesque. God rest their souls.

CONNOR: I found the Headless Horseman. The stories of his taking human heads are no fables. But he was a man.

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