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ACS DB The Blighters

Unruly and dangerous, street gangs were a very common element of Victorian England's ecosystem. Flourishing in poorer areas, the desire for a unified lower class spread throughout the entire country and resulted in entire criminal communities. Notable gangs such as the Scuttlers, the O'Hooligan Boys, and the Forty Elephants became infamous for their skill in theft, as well as their proclivity toward extreme violence.

It was logical, then, to take these gangs into consideration when looking to dominate the heart of the Empire. When Templar Grand Master Crawford Starrick sought to strengthen his hold over the city, controlling the underworld was a foregone conclusion. Using seven hand-picked, highly skilled Templars, and all the influence he could muster in London's underbelly, he spent a decade building London's most fearsome street gang to date: the Blighters.

Originating in Westminster's worst slum, the Devil's Acre, the Blighters' influence spread across the entire city and its members became known for their merciless brutality and unruly nature. They didn't even say please or thank you. The Blighters, once thought to be a superior answer to the street gang plague, proved instead to be a source of greater fear and loathing for the city's residents. Those who opposed to regime wound up either fatally injured or massively in debt.

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