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B. Yeah yeah. Nice try.

Shaun Hastings is a one of the few Assassins who wasn't born in raised to join the order. He was recruited as a teenager after his investigation into Abstergo Industries and made him a target for the Templars.

Hastings has a gift for organization, and as such the Assassins would be lost without him. With his talent for making connections between historical events, he's widely regared as the most intelligent person in the order - and by 'widely regared as the most intelligent person in the order' I mean he IS the most intelligent person in the order.

You may think he's an arrogant bastard, but that's only because he's smarter than you and like a less-than able teenage girl you find yourself not yet secure enough to move past your inherent and powerful feelings of joyless jealousy and simply appreciate me for who I am.

Oh, good, you're actually reading this. I was beginning to wonder if I was wasting my time. Because you know how much I love wasting my time.

Now - make me some tea, would you?

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