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Timestamp: 2014-10-13
Location: Phoenix Project lab, Paris

  • Gramática: I tell you Consus, between the Standish sample and the recovered blood vials from Bartholomew Roberts' stash, we're pulling incredible data. The promotions are nice. The work is amazing. But there's so much managerial bullshit to deal with now. It's enough to make me miss the days when all I had to do was get shot in the face.
  • Da Costa: Doctor Gramática, can you hear me?
  • Gramática: Violet, what a-
  • Da Costa: Shut up, no time! There's a team of Assassins on your doorstep.
  • Gramática: But my clones! The Shroud!
  • Da Costa: I've dispatched Sigma Team, but they're going to be too late. Get out of there double time!

[Gunshots and screams are heard]

  • Hastings: Galina can you keep them off my back, please? I'm trying to steal that data before the servers go up in flames!
  • Galina Voronina: Templar scum!

[More gunshots]

  • Hastings: Glad to see you're having fun.

[A huge explosion is heard]

  • Hastings: Hello! We're here to destroy your abominable samples and- wait, are you wearing a blanket?!
  • Voronina: Is it fireproof?
  • Hastings: No, wait! That's the-

[A clattering of a grenade is heard, followed by Shaun screaming as it detonates]

  • Voronina: Mission accomplished. Gavin's waiting. We go.

[Footsteps, and the Shroud activating]

  • Consus: I... am... damaged... repaired... rest...


  • Gramática: Goodbye, Consus. Thank you.
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