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Timestamp: 2011-10-03
Location: Future Technology Mexico City branch

  • Gramática: Isabelle, what a lovely surprise!
  • Ardant: Are you recording this?
  • Gramática: Hm? Oh yes, I record everything I do. Never know when an unexpected breakthrough will happen. How are you?
  • Ardant: Terrible. I've been tasked with archiving the genetic memories from Project Legacy.
  • Gramática: Well, it's a shame how that ended. But I'm glad to see the data isn't going to waste.
  • Ardant: It's a waste of my time and talent just as your current assignment is a waste of yours.
  • Gramática: Ah, work is work. Despite the setbacks in Denver, the Eye-Abstergo satellite is a very interesting-
  • Ardant: Vidic had his chance, and he's blown it. They'll never find a new Apple in time for launch. The Animus project is dead in the water. Meanwhile, you and I are members of the Inner Sanctum and we're being treated like sodding interns. But what if we could give Mr. Rikkin a new, working Piece of Eden.
  • Gramática: I'm listening...
  • Ardant: Don't listen. Look. Look at this.
  • Gramática: P.E. number sixty-six. Where did it come from?
  • Ardant: The Project Legacy data revealed that the company acquired it in the forties. I want you to help me get it working again.
  • Gramática: This fabric... it's very fragile, but there's technology in it!
  • Ardant: You study the Shroud. Find out anything you can about its original purpose and method of use. I'll cross-reference the genetic memories from Project Legacy against my archive. With any luck, I can locate more people who came into contact with it. Together, we can unlock the artifact's secrets.
  • Gramática: I get to play with an artifact, and take Vidic down a peg? How can I refuse?
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