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Printing presses were originally brought to America to print religious texts, but by the time of the Revolutionary War they were also used for things like newspapers, pamphlets, and broadsheets. Think of it as the colonial internet, about the same speed as dial-up. Unlike word of mouth, newspaper articles could spread news of events from colony to colony quickly, and without any loss of information.

But that doesn't mean it was unbiased - far from it. Presses were commonly used to print propaganda. Every newspaper had its slant. Thank goodness that doesn't happen nowadays. Anyway, part of what made the Boston Massacre such a turning point were reprints of Paul Revere's woodcut - it showed organized British soldiers in full formation firing point-blank at an innocent crowd. A shocking image, which enraged the people and fuelled their hatred of the British. Completely made-up, of course, but what did that matter? The public is there to be manipulated.

Actually, I'd bet you could use these places to print some propaganda of your own. If the soldiers are getting too unfriendly, a little reminder that you're a Hero of the People might help.

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