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V Mon. July hath xxxi days.

Ev'n while the reaper fills his greedy hands,
And binds the golden sheafs in brittle bands:
Oft have I seen a sudden storm arise
From all the warring winds that sweep the skies:
And oft whole sheets descend of slucy rain,
Suck'd by the Spungy loud from off the main;
The lofty skies at once come Pouring down,
The promis'd crop and golden labours drown.

Many estates are spent in the getting,
Since women for tea forsook spinning & knitting.
He that lies down with Dogs,
Shall rise up with fleas.
A fat kitchin, a lean Will.
Distrust & caution are the parents of security.
Tongue double, brings trouble.

VI Mon. August hath xxxi days.

For us thro' 12 bright signs Apollo guides
The year, and earth in sev'ral dimes divides.
Five girdles bind the skies, the torrid zone
slows with the passing and repassing sun.
Far on the right and left, th' extreams of heav'n,
To frosts and knows and bitter blasts are giv'n.
Betwixt the midst and these, the Gods assign'd
Two habitable feats for humane kind.

Take counsel in wine, but resolve afterwards in water.
He that drinks fast, pays slow.
Great famine when wolves eat wolves.
A good Wife lost is God’s gist lost
A taught horse, and a woman to teach
And teachers practising what they preach,
He is ill cloth'd, who is bare of Virtue.

VII Mon. September hath xxx days.

Death is a Fisherman, the world we see.
His Fish-pond is, and we the Fishes be:
His Net some general Sickness; however he
Is not so kind as other Fishers be;
For if they take one of the smaller Fry,
They throw him in again, he shall not die:
But Death is sure to kill all he can get,
And all is Fish with him that comes to Net.

The heart of a fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of a wife man is in his heart
Men & Melons are hard to know.
He's the best physician that knows the worthlessness of the most medicines.
Beware of meat twice boil'd and an old For reconcil'd
A fine genius in his own country, is like gold in the mine.
There is no little enemy.

VIII Mon. October hath xxxi days.

Time was my spouse and I could not agree,
Striving about superiority:
The text which saith that man and wife are one,
Was the chief argument we stood upon:
She held, they both one woman should become;
I held they should be man, and both but one.
Thus we Contended daily, but the strife
Could not be ended, till both were one Wife.

He has lost his Boots, but sav'd his spurs,
To old Man has given all to his Son: O fool!
To undress thy self before thou art going ta bed.
Cheese and salt meat, should be sparingly eat
Doors and walls are fools paper.
Anoint a villain and he'll stab you,
Stab him & he'l anoint you.
Keep your mouth wet, feet dry.

IX Mon. November hath xxx days.

My neighbour H---y by his pleasing tongue,
Hath won a Girl that's rich, wise fair and young;
The match (he saith) is half concluded, he
Indeed is wondrous willing; but not she.
And reason good, for he has run thro' all
Almost the story of the Prodigal;
Yet swears he never with the hogs did dine;

Where bread is wanting, all's to be sold.
There is neither honour nor gain, got in dealing with a villain.
The fool hath made a vow, I guess,
Never to let the Fire have peace.
Snowy winter, a plentiful harvest
Nothing more like a Fool, than a drunken Man.

X Mon. December hath xxxi days.

6od works wonders now & then;
Behold! a Lawyer, an honest Man!
He that lives carnally, won’t live eternally.
Innocence is its own Defence.
Time eateth all things, could old Poets Say; The limes are chang'd,
our times drink all away.
Never mind it, she'l be sober after the Holidays.

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