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Liu Jin (1451–1510) was a well-known Chinese eunuch and leader of the group known as the Tigers. During the reign of the Zhengde Emperor, Liu Jin gained enormous power and used it to enrich himself and reach incredible levelsic of wealth. He remained untouchable for a while and ignored the presence of Templars among his closest men.

In 1506, he had Wang Yangming expelled from court for having insulted him. Wang Yangming was secretly a Master Assassin but was not discovered at the occasion. The Assassins organized the Prince of Anhua rebellion but Liu Jin was perfectly assisted by the Templars to counter it. Still, after this Zhang Yong, the second in command of the Tigers, betrayed him and supported accusations of corruption before the Emperor.

Liu Jin was convicted of plotting to assassinate the Emperor, and condemned to die by the terrible form of torture and execution known as Ling Chi, or death by a thousand cuts.

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