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AC4DB - Kenneth Abraham

Born: 1675
Died: 1715

Born to an upper class family and educated in boarding schools from age five, Kenneth Abraham learned to fight for himself at an early age. Upon graduation, he entered the army and rose through the ranks, finally meeting the rank of Commander.

His embrace of order and disciple drew him into the fold of the Templar Order, which offered him influence beyond that offered by his military career. From the age of thirty, he ascended its ranks in parallel to those of his military career by devoting himself to the promotion of order and peace.

He remained, until his death, determined to rid the world of unpredictable and disorderly elements.

(Note: Sounds like a fun guy! -RL)

(Note: Do order and peace bore you? Are you overworked? I can set up an appointment with our in-house therapist. -ML)

(Note: Peaceful, orderly me? Never. I love this job. -RL)

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