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Born: I have no earthly idea.

What little we know about Juno is often taken from second-hand accounts. We first became aware of her when our friend Desmond relived the genetic memories of people who had come into contact with her in the past.

What we know is that Juno is a member of the First Civilization, who lived on this planet before we did. This race of people created human beings as a slave race, but they rebelled and fought a long war. Woo! Go us!

Back then, though, Juno was part of something called the Capitoline Triad alongside fellow precursors Jupiter and Minerva. They were scientists of sorts, working together to try and stop a massive solar flare from destroying the planet.

Only it seems like Juno was also looking to use the chaos to seize power and take over, and so she was imprisoned inside a grand temple on the east coast. However, it seems that while imprisoned, she somehow transformed from a physical being to a digital one, and she was able to reach out to various humans throughout time in an effort to free herself.

And get this. We freed her. Us. Assassins. Now she's loose, a literal ghost in the machine... in "the Grey," as she calls it - her description of living as a digital entity. Nobody knows what she wants, or even what she's capable of. All I know is, she's dangerous, she killed a friend of mine, and she's our responsibility.

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