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Vengeful Eyes


"During the following years, my scout often reported people being brutally murdered all over Tuscany. Villagers were talking about men clad in black-feathered armor appearing from nowhere; killing peasants and common folk just for sport. To be honest, I never paid too much attention to those rumors. I later realized how big of a mistake it was to ignore them."

A good friend of mine Leonardo da Vinci was living in Firenze back in those days. On a morning like any other, he would meet a friend of his near the beautiful Santa Croce Cathedral. Having a keen eye for detail, he quickly spotted several suspicious civilians following his every step. Using one of the signs Ezio had thought him, Leonardo summoned an Assassin who was on watch duty around that part of the city. Leonardo asked the Assassin to escort him to safety; as he feared for his life.

Whilst walking a few steps behind Leonardo, the Assassin sensed danger. Using his special power, he quickly detected a suspicious man disguised as a civilian. The man was wearing black clothes that were decorated with black crow feathers. The Assassin decided to kill him as fast as possible. Leonardo and the Assassin hurried toward the hideout but their advance was constantly interrupted by Medici Guards; who were allegedly tasked to arrest Leonardo.

Eventually, Leonardo was escorted to safety but during the next few weeks, the reports regarding these mysterious people were becoming more and more frequent.

"Their uniforms were filled with black feathers... crow feathers, maybe? And... they were displaying the same techniques the Assassins used. The most terrifying revelation came later when a scout returned with one of the weapons these mysterious killers were using: a modified Hidden Blade. But how did they manage to make them? Who are these people?"

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