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The Corrupted


"I have promised myself that, before I die, I will make an effort and put every life lesson I've learned on paper; so that the good men of the future will learn about the bad men of the past. On these next few pages, I will write about one of Cesare Borgia's plans that almost caused the downfall of Rome; if not for me and the Assassins of Italy."

Although it was believed that the Assassin Brotherhood has abandoned Monteriggioni and the Villa Auditore was left for ruin; one Assassin was still acting as a guardian for the citizens and protector of the secret chambers under the city.

One morning, three men acting as tax-collectors entered the city and proceeded to harass some of the citizens; hurting the women and kicking the men. The Guard Captain of the city was obviously bribed as he ordered his men to follow and protect the tax-collectors. The Assassin was quick to react and hunted them down one by one. The citizens quickly removed the bodies of the mercenaries from the streets and the city resumed to its daily routine. The Assassin returned to the secret chambers only to realize that while he was away protecting the citizens, somebody managed to gain entry to the chambers; and stole an Assassin Artifact. This artifact was one of the chests that previously belonged to Mario Auditore.

"I believe that the three mercenaries were just a distraction. There was a fourth man who used the mercenaries to distract the Assassin so he can steal the chest."

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