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Saviors of Roma


"All my life I was fighting for peace only to realize that peace does not exist. You see, war is eternal. But even if I would have known this before I started fighting, I would have never stopped. Even after I will not be able to fight anymore, there will be brave women and men who will take over this eternal struggle. I wanted these people to believe in what they are doing."

By the time I had arrived to Roma, most of my contacts were already unreachable. I had to make a decision fast. I was able to signal one of the Assassins who were currently scouting the premises of the Castel Sant'Angelo. With his help, we headed out to find Il Corvo's hideout. We identified the building but the Crows already took over the streets and were waiting for us. The Assassin suggested that Il Corvo is deliberately leading us into his trap, so we ignored the hideout and decided to fight our way through them.

As my body was no longer capable to sustain the attacks of these fanatics, the Assassin asked me to wait near the bridge and witness his action. It was neither the place nor the time to argue with him. Driven by an unexpected hatred, the Assassin ended the life of the bodyguards that were there to defend their Master; before he jumped onto Il Corvo and killed him in cold blood.

The Assassin returned to me, bowed his head and we both left to explore Il Corvo's hideout. After we broke the lock and managed to gain access, we began exploring the rooms. We could hear Borgia guards yelling orders from outside. A quick glance through the window confirmed that they were cleaning up the corpses near the bridge. I had entered into a big room and on the wall; a large Assassin Mark was painted. In the middle, there was a dead, bleeding eagle pinned to the wall with a Corvix Blade pointing out from its chest. From the blade hung a piece of paper; with a painting of an almost perfect cube on it. I pocketed the paper and proceeded with the search only to find a small chest under the painting that contains a small shard.

I placed the shard back in the small chest and pocketed it as well. I had a few moments to look through the piles of letters and I had spotted a very recent one from Cesare. The letter contained several references to a Crystal Cube and how important this object was for the future of the Templar Order. The tone of the letter allowed me to believe that Cesare and Il Corvo were no longer pursuing the same ideologies; as the big leader's words were filled with hate. Il Corvo went rogue and even Cesare wanted him dead.

We had to leave the hideout because the Borgia soldiers were closing down the streets. As I exited through the back door I smelt smoke. The Assassin stormed out from one of the rooms and yelled at me to run. We both sprinted toward the exit and by the time we have reached the other side of the river, the hideout was engulfed by flames.

"This was how it happened. This is how I remember it. We defeated the Crows and reminded Cesare that he will never be able to stop us. The little paper with the cube drawing turned out to contain a hidden map of Forlì, and it was filled with curios [sic] markings. I was eager to take the map and the shard to Leonardo, but first I needed rest. But to this day, every time I see a crow... I shiver."

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