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"Sirus proved to be a useful ally. He had knowledge about Cesare's activities and provided me with valuable information. His letters were always welcome. In one of his letters, he elaborated on how Cesare had his scribes create a special kind of encrypted language to communicate about the Crows and their plans. They were using a special kind of device and luckily Sirus himself was in the possession of one. When I requested access to it, he was more than eager to lend it to me. Even Leonardo was impressed and he managed to create an exact replica. Decrypting these messages would become an easy task for any Assassin."

It had come to my attention that one of Cesare's men was a bookkeeper was living in Firenze. This man was running a ledger that allegedly contained detailed information regarding Cesare's plans. This ledger would be a great help for me to incriminate and reveal Cesare's plans to the world. I have asked one of the Assassins in Firenze to find and follow this bookkeeper. The Assassin did as he was told and so he followed the bookkeeper to his hideout and stole the ledger for me.

I have spent weeks decrypting the ledger but sadly, all the information I gained was about the existence of a man named "Il Corvo," who was acting as the Grand Master of the Crows. I expected to learn more but nevertheless, this man turned out to be the source of all our troubles. Further research revealed that there is a Crow hideout in Roma, and these people were planning something that involved most of the nobles of the high-houses.

"At that point it was more than obvious that Cesare not only created the Crows to destroy the Brotherhood; but he wanted to completely destroy anyone who dared cross his plans Cesare created his own Assassins and this fact was utterly disturbing."

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