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Broken Chains


"Sometimes the most innocent hands can create the most dangerous things. In my life I have met many people that I learned to respected, but this man Demetrio was something special."

I was spending some time away from Roma and I decided to return to Firenze. Cesare Borgia was in the city and his presence filled the air with fear. His men taking over the whole plaza in front of the Signoria was the first sign that he is using his powers to showcase his influence. He was about to celebrate some achievement of his by organizing a public execution of several prisoners who were sentenced to death.

Later that morning I received a letter by bird. The letter was signed by a man named Demetrio who asked the Brotherhood for aid. In his letter, he described how he wanted to murder Cesare Borgia when the night comes. He also pleaded for me to send out Assassins who will escort him out when the panic breaks out. His letter was short, mysterious and very straightforward.

Along with an Assassin, we climbed to the top of the residence in front of the Signoria in order to witness the event. As time flew by and the sun began descending behind the far mountains, nothing had happened. The Assassin then pointed at Cesare Borgia who was standing near the entrance of the Signoria; waiting for his guards to drag a man to his feet. He then kicked the prisoner and ordered his men to execute him along the other prisoners. After witnessing the scene with me, the Assassin pointed out that the man in chains is Demetrio, a blacksmith employed by Cesare. The realization was shocking. It seems Demetrio's plan failed but nevertheless, the Assassin used his tricks and managed to rescue him.

"Demetrio was a good man and a better scientist. Cesare forced him to replicate the Hidden Blades using the blueprints that were stolen from Leonardo. Demetrio refused to produce more so Cesare had his tongue cut out and tortured him for days. From then on Demetrio tried to kill Cesare several times but failed each attempt. It was inevitable that Cesare will eventually realize Demetrio's attempts. When I handed Demetrio the prototype I have recovered from Mario's chest, he confirmed these were made by him. He called them The Corvix Blades."

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