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An Unexpected Summon


"It is said that once something haunts you, it will haunt you forever."

It took me months to recover from the events that occurred in Roma. Sirus' attempt to take down the Borgia was a bold and foolish attempt. The madness of his mind blinded his judgment, power took over his thoughts and pushed many to their deaths. I just wonder why his people were so loyal to him.

As the days passed, the Assassins faced new challenges at every corner. I had spies all over Italy and every time there was a new incident that required our attention, I always had my brothers to rely on. But in some cases, they were more sierous and thus my presence was required.

A letter from Forlì had arrived and in that letter, one of my spies reported that the citizens were exposed to a series of ruthless murders. The victim's corpses were then left abandoned in the muddy fields on the outskirts of the city. According to his report, these corpses were left by The Crows.

It was then when my hands started shaking but I couldn't think about that right now. I had a knock on my door from my good friend Ezio Auditore. Ezio was accompanied by his uncle Mario Auditore and one of the most valued ally of the Assassin Order, Leonardo da Vinci.

They presented me with an ancient artifact that had "magical" powers. It was decided there and then that me and Ezio should take it to Forlì and leave it in the hands of Caterina Sforza. I told Ezio I will leave immediately to prepare for his arrival.

Before I left, I sent a bird with a message to my spy asking him to meet me outside the city at dusk. I also wrote a letter to the Assassins who were assigned to the Brotherhood hideout within the walls of the city. However, I couldn't think about the artifact or Ezio's arrival in Forlì at that moment. I decided that before I meet with Lady Sforza, I would deal with my other problem first – the murders.

I arrived as planned and thankfully my journey was uneventful. The Assassin was waiting for me and together we walked to meet my spy. But the moment I saw his facial expression, I knew that something was wrong. I had the chance to shake his hand and say a few worrisome words before we were ambushed by a couple of Crows.

How did they know I would be here? Regardless of that, their ambush was short lived as my fellow Assassin and I took them out quickly. When the Crows fell to their death, one of them yelled with his last breath and many more came to assault us. My fellow Assassin killed them one by one, but I could see that he was struggling to keep up with their advanced combat skills. But there was no time to waste. The spy told me that Lady Sforza was waiting for me inside the city that was obviously infiltrated by The Crows. But what are they doing here? And what are their intentions?

"I stood in the front of the city, its walls towering above me. It took me only one glace [sic] at the Assassins and we knew what would happen next. The Crows must be found and eliminated before they can go through with their plan, whatever that plan is."

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