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An Assassin's Requiem


"Many people believed that nobody can kill an Assassin. But that night... it happened. I would have given my life to save them."

No master is perfect. Bad decisions were common even for me. On a mist-filled night, an Assassin scout visited me. He was the one who escorted Leonardo out of the catacombs after Ezio saved him from the hands of Ercole Massimo. After Ezio left, the Assassin explored the catacombs and found a secluded tunnel that was blocked by thick grates and a metal door locked shut. Through the grates, the man had spotted several scrolls and manuscripts; but one little box caught his attention. It was a small chest that had the Assassin's Mark on it.

I sent him and three more apprentices to the catacombs to recover the chest as soon as possible. I had waited for hours but they failed to return by midnight. Fearing the worst, I had a scout run and search for them but he returned with tragic news. The Assassins were captured within the ruins and killed by a group of Borgia Agents and their men.

Driven by rage, I summoned a veteran Assassin and commanded him to hunt down the Agents and recover the belongings of our fallen brothers. The Assassin left without saying a word and returned an hour later; with blood dripping from his blades. He handed over the Hidden Blades of the apprentices and the small chest; before leaving without saying a word. Upon further examination, I concluded that this chest was the one Pietro stole from the Villa Auditore all those years ago.

"While browsing the contents of the chest, I found that it contained a modified copy of the original blueprints of the Hidden Blades. This blueprint depicts a strange blade with a head of a crow carved deep into the steel. It seems that somebody has tried to replicate the blades and with great success."

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