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A Storm of Crows


"I have spent many days and nights reading Demetrio's notes. The man shared everything that I wanted to know about the plans of Cesare Borgia. It seems that the man was utterly devoted to his dreams, even if those were the dreams of a madman. Demetrio writes that upon realizing that his men cannot use the Corvix Blades, Casare [sic] decided to create his own breed of Assassins. He acquired a group of young men from an orphanage and sent them to Vallombrosa; a secluded abbey not far from Firenze. He then used his connections and contacted a Spanish Assassin named Raphael Sánchez who he invited to train his new recruits. Raphael believing it was the Brotherhood who invited him, trained the young men for more than five years. On a summer day, a bald man sent by Cesare stormed through the gates of Vallombrosa, claiming that Raphael's task is over and he should return to Spain immediately. After Raphael left confused, the bald man then presented the young apprentices with the Corvix Blades and told them that the true training was about to begin. This man treated the young men as family, telling them that all of them are like sons to him, and named them: The Crows."

There was something mysterious happening near the Colosseo on that day. Scouts were reporting unusual Borgia activity inside their main camp. I tasked an Assassin to investigate. The Assassin arrived at the camp where he discovered a huge load of weapons that arrived from Firenze. He opened one of the crates and found it filled with Corvix Blades. Upon investigating further, the Assassin infiltrated the camp occupied by soldiers wearing black-colored uniforms. He quickly identified them as members of The Crows.

He then climbed on the top of the Arch of Constantine and by using his special ability; he spotted an ex Borgia captain called Matteo who was having a conversation with an unknown bald man. The Assassin waited for them to separate and then followed Matteo to the top of the Colosseo. After a brief parley, the Assassin killed and kicked Matteo off the building.

"After the Crows left the camp, my scouts followed them to the outskirts of the city. On the road they found the unknown bald man who was last seen hours ago talking to Matteo. His name was Sirus Favero and claimed to be a weapon merchant from which Cesare was placing orders for special weapons. Sirus swore to me that he had no knowledge that the crates contained Corvix Blades. He was eager to join our cause as he apparently developed a certain kind of hatred against the Borgia and with Cesare in particular. He might prove to be a useful ally, who knows."

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