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A Grey Sky


"Forlì was ambushed. Together with Ezio and Caterina, we rushed to the city gates but that had been locked. Ezio managed to sneak into the city, open the gates for us and we fought our way to the Rocca di Revaldino [sic]. Once we were safe, Caterina asked Ezio to save her children from the attackers. I was then contacted by my Assassin brother who brought dire news.

Though he killed all the Crows in the city, the Assassin reported that Borgia Soldiers captured many of my spies and they're being interrogated. I asked the Assassin to go and free them! The Assassin tried to save as many as possible, but the Borgia forces were patrolling every street. But using his cunningness [sic] and stealth, the Assassin saved many of my spies from the Borgia.

I told Caterina that I will climb to the highest tower of the Rocca to look for our friends. Once on the top, I looked over the city but I could not see the Assassin anywhere. The Borgia forces were gathering up the citizens and there was chaos everywhere.

I guess I was not careful enough as one of the archers from outside the city shot an arrow at me. Luckily, it hit my leather armor but I lost my balance and fell into the moat.

"It shames me to write this but I got captured by the Borgia. The guard started to drag me towards the small church outside the city, but one of my spies saw the whole charade and he ran to contact my fellow Assassin."

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