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A Dangerous Trade


"It was very hard for me to recover from the betrayal of Sirus. But my people needed my full attention and I knew I had to move on. During the next few weeks, my scouts intercepted many Crows letters but when deciphered; none of them proved to be useful. I sometimes thought that Sirus... or Il Corvo is sending them out just to spite me. One night a good friend of mine, Father Pio visited me and he complained about a group of people taking over the courtyard of the Santa Croce Cathedral. They had a letter with the Borgia seal on it and they had the whole yard locked down. I sent out my scouts and just to be sure, I have asked one of my Assassins to investigate."

The Assassin was tasked to scout the area for the cathedral for any suspicious activity. He learned that there is a Crow messenger in Firenze, so he decided to identify him. It was not a hard task and despite the Crow's exceptional stealth skills, the Assassin identified him in mere seconds. But it was not yet his time to die. After following the messenger for a while, it became obvious that he was heading for the Santa Croce courtyard. The Assassin had to stall the messenger so he sprinted for the courtyard, where he identified two undercover Templar Agents. After killing one of them in front of the guards, the Assassin escaped creating chaos around the courtyard. As the messenger was denied access until the chaos would settle, the Assassin used that time to prepare his next move.

Every time we removed a letter from the Crows, we planted another one in order to confuse the recipient. The Assassin knew that there was a fake encrypted letter in the nearby pigeon coopo and so he decided to quickly run and fetch it. He then returned and found the messenger, before he persuaded him to exchange the letters. The messenger was so terrified that he quickly agreed to complete the trade.

"The Assassin brought me the letter. After spending hours deciphering it, I had the following message: The Crow will hunt the Eagle, while the Doves are burning." It was a call to arms. Il Corvo was summoning all his Crows to Roma. The time has come to kill a bird."

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