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ACR DB Jack Weeks

Born: 1723
Died: Unknown

Jack Weeks was born in Albany to a couple who escaped slavery in Virginia. They taught him to be independent and to take advantage of any opportunity to better himself. At the age of ten, Weeks began to work as a pickpocket and thief at local markets.

Weeks attempted to pick the pocket of explorer and Templar Christopher Gist. Gist caught him in the act, but was so impressed by the boy's cheeky attitude that he hired him as an errand boy. Gist took him on his travels and taught him about trade, and how to mimic people of various social status and origins.

In 1750, Gist was hired to explore the lands west of the colonies, and so introduced Weeks to George Monro. Gist suggested the officer should take the young man on as an assistant. Weeks impressed Monro with his cleverness and adaptability. Monro taught Weeks about the Templars and their goals. Weeks admired Monro's intellect, and agreed with the Templar philosophy of crowd control.

When Gist joined the Templar Order in 1751, Monro agreed to induct Jack Weeks as well.

After narrowly avoiding death at Shay's hands, Weeks stuck close to George Monro. When Monro was killed by Assassins, he found himself working with a former enemy, as Shay Cormac was now fighting against his former Brotherhood with the Templars.

One of his descendants, James Weeks, would go on to found Weeksville in New York.

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