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Born: 1732
Died: 1759

Hope was born in New York City to a modest family, but was placed in an orphanage after her parents died. She was adopted by a German couple who hoped to build a new life for themselves in the colonies. They symbolized this desire in the name of their adopted daughter: Hope.

(Barf city. -V.)

Years of hard work finally paid off for Hope's father, who saw his business endeavors turn great profits, and her family rubbed elbows with New York's elite. But despite their wealth and best efforts to fit in, they are never truly accepted in New York's finer circles.

Hope received a good education from private tutors, and gradually realized that the world was unfair. In 1742, Hope's adopted father disappeared under mysterious circumstances, never to be seen again. Later that same year, her father's former business partners took control of the family business, leaving her adopted mother with nothing. Hope and her mother were destitute, forced to live on the streets.

Hope's mother died after a long and painful disease, despite Hope's best efforts at stealing food and medicine. Hope vowed never to depend on anyone ever again.

(Fun fact: Life's not fair! But I gotta admire this girl's hustle. -V.)

In 1746, Hope met Achilles, who was impressed by her survival instincts, pickpocketing skills, and strength of will. She was inducted into the Brotherhood a year later. Achilles ordered her to set up a network in New York City, and before long, Hope controlled most of New York's organized crime.

Hope was one of Shay's instructors, though she often found him to be a hopeless student. The pair worked with Benjamin Franklin in an attempt to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Precursor artifacts. After Shay's defection, she continued to work with Franklin alone.

Hope was killed when Shay attacked her in her mansion.

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