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AC4DB - Hilary Flint

Born: 1682
Died: 1717

Hilary Flint was born to an aristocratic family, the youngest of three boys. The black sheep of the family, he sought solitude in his studies. Immersing himself in math and sciences, Flint discovered a particular interest in explosives, earning him the label of "problem child".

To correct his course, his parents enrolled him in military school, where he quickly worked his way into the hearts of many students and a few secret societies.

After graduation, his connections earned him access to Templar ranks. His mellow nature and obsession with firearms made him an important asset.

Records show an ongoing relationship with Assassin Rhona Dinsmore, the nature of which is uncertain. She vanishes from record after his death at 35.

(Note: He died at thirty-five? That's so sad! - ML)

(Note: Yeah well, where there's smoke... there's probably explosives. - RL)

(Note: Dinsmore was flighty. She's already left one husband when she met Flint. Did anyone in Havana even know her husband existed? - ML)

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