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The Renaissance Hermeticists were a secretive lot, hiding their beliefs and practices from the Church.

Their texts originated in 2nd Century Greece, dealing with issues such as alchemy and the proper relationship between man, the gods, and the Earth. In 1460, the texts were introduced to the western world when they arrived in Pistoia. A translation into Latin was made by the flamboyant Florentine, Marsilio Ficino, and spread throughout Italy.

This revival of Hermetical beliefs focused on a heretical lack of hierarchy. The man contained the universe, just as God did, meaning each part of the universe was also a representation of the whole. Man, therefore, could be seen as the centre of the universe.

Hermeticism was driven underground, for, if man could contain God, then what role was there for the Church?

Benevolent caretaker of choir practice spaces, apparently, was not seen as an appealing alternative.

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