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ACS DB Haytham Kenway

Date of Birth: 4 December 1725.

As a child, Haytham E. Kenway was given a rather specific and unusual education by his father, Edward. Haytham knew that it was somehow connected to his father's mysterious past, but before he could learn the truth, his family home was attacked. Edward was killed and Haytham's half-sister Jenny was kidnapped.

Haytham was adopted by Reginald Birch, a friend of the Kenway family. Birch revealed that he was, in fact, the Templar Grand Master of the British Rite, and offered to both train him and help him find his missing sister. Years passed, and Haytham became a ruthless and efficient killer for the Templar Order.

Grand Master Birch was obsessed with the First Civilization, and sent Haytham to the British colonies in America to locate a suspected precursor storehouse. His first order of business (no pun intended) was to annihilate the Colonial Assassin Brotherhood, which he managed to accomplish thanks to the traitor Shay Cormac.

With his Templar allies firmly in place, Haytham began to search for the Precursor site, located somewhere in the colonial frontier. He secured the assistance of Kanien'kehá:ka natives by freeing several captives, including Kaniehtí:io, with whom he had an ill-fated but passionate affair.

Haytham briefly left the colonies when his associates located his long-lost sister in Damascus. He journeyed there to free her, and she revealed the mystery behind their father's death: Edward was an Assassin and Birch had him killed for his secrets. The siblings travelled to Europe and killed Birch. Jenny returned to the Kenway home in London, but despite Birch's betrayal, Haytham chose to return to the colonies and resume his duties as Grand Master.

Haytham sought to control the American Revolution, but the half-native Assassin Connor sabotaged his efforts. Haytham realized Connor was his son with Kaniehtí:io, and while they made an attempt to find common ground, it soon became clear that reconciliation was impossible. Haytham fell to his son's Hidden Blade.

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