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ACB DB Ezio Auditore

Date of Birth: 1459.
Profession: Assassin.

Well, this experience has been quite the education. Although there's nothing in the history books following Ezio's disappearance from Florence as a teenager after the execution of his father and brothers, we now know that he fled with his mother Maria and sister Claudia to his Uncle Mario's Tuscan Villa.

Trained there as an Assassin, he prepared to hunt down the Templars, the men behind the execution. And hunt them he did, killing them one by one until he reached their leader, Rodrigo Borgia.

With the help of his uncle, and the other Assassins, he discovered Rodrigo's plan to open an ancient vault beneath the Vatican supposedly leading to God himself. Ezio defeated Rodrigo, entered the Vault alone, and communed with a projection of Minerva, a member of an ancient race that existed before humans.

This all sounds very far-fetched when I write it out like that, now doesn't it? Fortunately, we have the Animus records to prove it, so we didn't dream it or anything. Unless we're all in a dream right now...

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