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ACBF DB Duncan Walpole

Born: 1679
Died: 1715

Second cousin to Robert Walpole, Britain's "first prime minister," Duncan was raised in relative comfort and ease until his 18th birthday, whereupon he joined the British Royal Navy as a mid-shipman with dreams of becoming a full officer. His immoderate temper and his impulsiveness, however, stymied a swift ascension and he grew impatient with his progress.

After 3 years, his interest in the navy had dwindled to nothing. With his heart set on finding a post with the East India Company, he had a chance meeting with a fellow sailor whom he had come to respect and admire... and it was this sailor who introduced Walpole to the Assassin Order and all its teachings.

Leery at first, Duncan soon took to this secret order with a fervor and drive that he had not known in the navy. And as his skills increased, so too did his reputation. But his temper and impulsiveness—coupled with a growing arrogance—were always a liability, and he was known for his frequent clashes with the elders of the British Assassin order.

Still, he was a valuable asset to the Order—so much so that in 1714 his Mentor asked him to sail for the West Indies, rendezvous with the Brotherhood there, and meet with their mentor Ah Tabai. Walpole accepted this position with eagerness and departed within the month.

The Assassins in England never heard from him again...

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