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Casimir Pulaski (or to use the Polish spelling Kazimierz Pulaski) was a polish noble and cavalry leader who fought on the side of the rebels during the American Revolution.

Pulaski was a fighter in the Polish Resistance during the late 1760s and early 1770s. Unfortunately for him, he was on the losing side and had to flee to France. Poor guy. Having to flee to France. There, he met Benjamin Franklin, who was keeping an eye out for any experienced military commanders who could help the rebel war effort. Franklin wasted no time in sending Pulaski in the direction of George Washington.

Pulaski joined the Continental Army in 1777 and made himself immediately useful at the Battle of Brandywine – where he prevented George Washington from being surrounded by the British. He probably saved Washington’s life – along with the lives of many in of the Continental Army. As a thank-you, Pulaski was named a Brigadier General and placed in command of the Continental Army’s cavalry – which at the time was extremely small, scattered, and mainly used for scouting.

After some tensions with his superior officers, Pulaski resigned his commission and was allowed to start again elsewhere, training a small corps of lancers and infantry that – for reasons that should be obvious – became known as “Pulaski’s Legion”.  

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