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ACS Bishop

Date of Birth: Unknown.

Here's the thing, and it's a thing that quite annoys me: I don't know anything about Bishop.

A few years back, Rebecca and I stumbled upon a hacker collective calling themselves "the Initiates." They built an impressive little network and had been spying on Assassins and Templars alike for years. A few of them even managed to infiltrate an Assassin cell.

I gave them a rousing speech, as I often like to do, and managed to convince them to join our side. Just like that, a new Assassin network was born. I was kind of under the impression that Rebecca and I would be responsible for them.

(Is "Finders Keepers" one of the tenets of the Creed? Maybe it should be. -RC)

But along comes William bloody Miles, who simply said "This is Bishop, and she's in charge of the Initiates now." and that's what it's like with Grumpy Old Bill, you know. He just kind of tells you how it's going to be.

(SO grumpy. -RC)

So that's how I met Bishop. I know WHAT she does, she is kind of a central controller and dispatcher for Assassins around the world. She makes sure that when a Templar pops their head up, an Assassin is waiting to cut it off. Or if there's a new set of genetic memories to synchronize, she finds us a helpful soul like you to help synchronize them.

Which is all well and good. But I still don't know WHO she is and quite frankly I'm loathe to admit it drives me batshit crazy. I joined the Assassins by uncovering the greatest conspiracy theory known to man, and yet I can't find anything on this woman.

Everyone's got a theory. Gavin thinks she's former CIA. My friend Harlan thinks she's a defector from Erudito, another hacker collective that no one's heard from in a while. Rebecca tells me that she actually knows the truth, but promised not to tell me.

(I pinky swore. #SorryNotSorry -RC.)

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