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From: Kiyoshi Takakura
To: WW-Assassins
Subject: Continental Asia
Our position in Japan is stronger than ever. I can say with absolute confidence that the lab is not here, but we continue to search with vigilance. Osoroshii Baba has decreed that we will send small teams into China and the Koreas to help the local cells search. I myself will be heading to China. I am very excited!

In addition to locating Dr. Gramatica and ending his life, I look forward to sampling the various regional street foods. I am going to start off by eating Huoguo (roadside hot pot) in Shandong Province. Once invigorated by food, I will investigate several of Abstergo's holdings in the various high-tech development zones found throughout the province.

I can get jianbing (a kind of crepe) pretty much anywhere, but my brother says that there is a vendor in Dalian that puts everyone else to shame. He puts in pickles, cabbage, potato, carrot, pork sausage, deep fried crispy dough, and a variety of spices. Abstergo Industries exports a lot of its products and technology from Dalian to other Asian markets, so perhaps I can find a trail to Gramatica's laboratory, in the same manner as Gavin-san found the lab in Paris. Afterwards, I will find this vendor and enjoy the Jianbing of Victory.

I shall then visit the city of Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi Province, as its history with the Silk Road trade route exposed its culture to a variety of outside influences, most noticeably Muslim. And when two cultures mix, the result is always GOOD FOOD. I shall begin with a "Shaanxi Sandwich," Nui Rou Jia Mo, it is a kind of beef sandwich. Xi'an's Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone is almost entirely owned by Abstergo, who are able to acquire thousands of graduates from the Abstergo-funded universities in the area. Surely, it is a magnificent location for the laboratory we seek.

My blade is sharp and my mouth is watering! Onwards!

Bishop, what's your favourite food?

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