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From: Bishop
To: WW-Assassins
Subject: Highest Priority

This directive comes from W. Miles: Dr. Alvaro Gramatica is now our most valuable target. He is in possession of the Shroud of Eden and we know he intends to use it to recreate a precursor for purposes unknown.

We were able to capture some footage of him in his lab, but unfortunately we still have no idea where that lab is.

It is EVERYONE's mission to:
1. Find Dr. Gramatica and his lab. 2. Kill Dr. Gramatica 3. Recover the Shroud of Eden and any other artifacts found in the lab.
4. Destroy any and all Abstergo cloning technology.
I've released some more of Evie's genetic memories to the Initiates to keep our backdoor into Helix secure.

We need all hands on deck for this one. Report back with any leads.

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