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ACRGDB - Albany

The Albany region was originally inhabited by the Algonquian tribes, in particular the Mohicans and Iroquois. Albany was claimed by the Dutch explorer Henry Hudson in 1609 and was settled in 1614, and trading posts were created soon after.

The British took control of the area in 1664 and renamed the town of Beverwijck as Albany. As tensions rose between England and France, troops were gathered at Albany to attack the enemy colonies in the North. Colonel William Johnson rallied his allies in the Iroquois Confederacy in Albany and convinced them to declare war against the French.

The British Lords of Trade suggested that the colonies meet in Albany to discuss their common defence. It was at this meeting that Benjamin Franklin first proposed a union between the colonies.

(I'm more a fan of the British Lords of Time, if you know what I mean. –V.)

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