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Your concerns regarding the Observatory have been noted and I am inclined to agree. However, my status as Guardian requires that I first confer with my two colleagues, after which point we will pass our judgement on to the General of the Cross. If he/she has any concerns with your proposal, you will be apprised within the week. If you hear nothing by August 2nd, 2014, proceed as you see fit.

If we do proceed with your plan, I will contact our Grand Masters in Cuba, Mexico, and the United States to get a read on the situation. With luck the site will be undisturbed. This is probably wishful thinking and there is a good chance the Assassins still have some sort of surveillance over the site. As we discovered last year in the course of our Kenway investigation, the Caribbean brotherhood appointed a small faction to protect the location at some point around 1723. We don't know if their stewardship is still ongoing.

To echo your sentiments from our last discussion, I too believe the missing blood vials are of critical importance to our current Phoenix Project. Locating these will be a boon. But we should not ignore the value of the Skulls as well. In canny hands, the technology found in the Skulls could lead to another organization cracking the genetic memory code.

Our estimates say we will control Animus technology for 13 years at best, but it's only a matter of time before our technology is stolen, compromised, and distributed. We know the Assassins have long had access to critical pieces of our technology, but they have not cracked the puzzle of Surrogate DNA - how to extract it, how to sequence it, etc. We need to ensure that does not happen for a long, long time.

Then there's that OTHER problem... but I'm waiting for a full analysis to fully understand exactly what SHE is, and what she is capable of before going into panic mode. At the very least we know she is capable of rather grand disruptions around the world... so keep your security tight.

We'll be in touch.


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