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ACS Alvaro Gramatica

Date of Birth: 04 April 1965.

Álvaro Gramática was a genius from the day he was born in Mexico City. He graduated from university at the age of 17 with advanced degrees in physics and computer science, and went on to develop expertise in mechanical engineering and biology. Plus he was brilliant at Sudoku.

It's this wide range of knowledge that made him so valuable to Abstergo. In 2008 he was recruited to work on the Akashic Satellite Plexus. In 2009, Gramática invented the Data Dump Scanner, a software program that allowed an Animus user to relive genetic memories that were not their own. It revolutionized an already incredible machine, and paved the way for Abstergo's current successes with Abstergo Entertainment and its Helix cloud servers.

(I could do all that cool stuff too, if I was backed up by a gazillion-dollar evil corporation. -RC)

At present, Dr. Gramática may be our most prominent Templar target. In 2014, he named as the director of the Phoenix Project, which hopes to use every resource at Abstergo's disposal to fully sequence a First Civilization genome. We're hearing reports that this has caused some strife among the Templar rank and file. The previous bigshot, Dr. Vidic, knew how to keep the Inner Sanctum unified towards a common goal.

But Dr. Gramática's more concerned with the work than human relationships, and that's not limited to his co-conspirators. He often abandons his wife and three children for long periods of time while immersed in whatever abhorrent experiment is currently in front of him. Like Sudoku.

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