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Dark Secrets was a virtual representation of one of Nikolai Orelov and Anastasia Nikolaevna's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Nikolai infiltrated the Kremlin to rescue Anastasia.


  • Orelov: She'll be underground. Down in the laboratories. There's a service elevator that leads there. I just need to reach it...
  • Orelov: Tsarskaya hideout. It can't have changed much. I just need to get to the elevator and use the code Ilia gave me...
  • Assassin 1: Double patrols, full alert... This is nonsense. Nikolai is not crazy enough to try to infiltrate the lab.
  • Assassin 2: You haven't seen him after Tunguska. He was already crazy then.

Nikolai trasversed the outside of the library.

  • Assassin 3: Have you got a light?
  • Assassin 4: No, nothing to smoke either.
  • Assassin 3: Damn! Nothing to drink, nothing to smoke! Nothing to take my mind off of the boredom of what I am doing!
  • Assassin 4: At least you'll live longer.

Nikolai infiltrated the library.

  • Assassin 5: The girl is now secure down there... Feisty little bitch - she bit me!
  • Assassin 6: She's down in the facility? Where they run the 'tests'...?
  • Assassin 5: Who knows exactly what they do, but it usually doesn't end well for the patient.
  • Assassin 6: At least the last Romanov will soon be gone. Russia can start anew.
  • Assassin 5: We don't care about the nations or states. We care about the Creed, first and foremost.

Nikolai reached the library's second floor.

  • Assassin 7: Any sign of Orelov?
  • Assassin 8: No. You don't really think he'll try to get in here, do you?
  • Assassin 7: I wouldn't. But he's insane.
  • Assassin 8: Those stories aren't true you know - it's all talk.
  • Assassin 7: Then why do you keep looking over your shoulder?

Nikolai trasvered the second floor and reached the elevator.

  • Orelov: There's the elevator. The laboratory. Let's see if Ilia's code is working.

Nikolai managed to call the elevator and entered it.

  • Orelov: I need to get out of sight.

Nikolai climbed to the elevator's roof. The elevator went down to the ground floor, where two Assassins boarded it.

  • Assassin 9: I hear they're making progress downstairs.
  • Assassin 10: Don't know. Don't want to know...
  • Assassin 9: This is a great day for the Brotherhood. A chance to get closer to understanding the mystery of Master Ezio Auditore's box.

The elevator stopped in the first undergroung level, where another Assassin entered.

  • Assassin 10: But do we have to kill a child to do so?
  • Assassin 9: Perhaps not. Perhaps this one will live... Some have.
  • Assassin 10: I don't call that living...

The elevator stopped in the second undergroung level, and the three Assassins left.

  • Orelov: I need to get the power back on.
  • Assassin 11: Come in.
    What is your status?
    Please, report.
  • Assassin 12: Nothing to report, sir.
    Situation is normal. No signs of the intruder.
    All clear here, sir.
  • Assassin 11: Fine. Report in regularly.
    Good. Continue your patrol.
    Just make sure you keep a look out for anything of anyone suspicious.

Nikolai restored the power and reentered the elevator. He left in the floor below and proceeded through the corridor to Anastasia's lab. He saw a guard leaving the room, with the door locking afterwards.

  • Orelov: Think, dammit. Think! There must be a way around...

Nikolai sneaked the code from the guard and managed to enter the lab.

  • Orelov: I am here, Anya! Anastasia! Wake up!
  • Anastasia: Nikolai?
  • Orelov: Look, I've opened the door... Run, Anya!
  • Anastasia: You...
  • Orelov: I'm sorry, Anya, I could not have known. You must escape! Now!
  • Anastasia: Liar! I'll kill you like I killed Zhang Yong and his Tiger brothers!
  • Orelov: What have they done to you? Don't let her back in! You're Anastasia, remember?
  • Anastasia: I am...
  • Orelov: Run!

Anastasia left the lab.

  • Anastasia: They are down here too...

Anastasia killed one of the scientists who experimented on her.

  • Anastasia: Who is weak... and feeble... and expendable now, doctor?!

Anastasia killed another scientist.

  • Anastasia: You put those pins in my head, I remember your careless touch. You won't hurt anyone, now!

Anastasia reached the boiler room and noticed steam coming from the floor.

  • Anastasia: That steam is dangerous.

Anastasia proceeded and met some guards.

  • Assassin 13: How is your family?
  • Assassin 14: Coping. Times are hard all around, but hopefully it'll become easier soon. How about yours?
  • Assassin 13: Better now it is summer... Nobody minds when sunshine comes through the holes in the roof. But still, Rasputitsa will be here all too soon.
  • Assassin 14: Yeah, and then everything will stop. Let's hope we don't get stuck here!

Anastasia entered a room and tried to open the security door, but became stuck, with steam filling it.

  • Anastasia: What was that...cough...cough...Kolya?!
  • Orelov: Don't breathe, Anya!

Some guards came.

  • Assassin 15: What's happening in there?!

Nikolai succeeded in releasing Anastasia. Suddently the whole room began to explode.

  • Anastasia: What is that?!

Anastasia started to run.

  • Anastasia: I need to keep moving!

Anastasia escaped the Kremlin and met Nikolai.

  • Orelov: Run, Anya! Anya!
  • Anastasia: Nikolai.

Suddenly a tank emerged from the Kremlin.

  • Orelov: Go to the Bolshoi! I'll find you there! I'll be there, I promise!
  • Anastasia: Be careful, Nikolai!


Nikolai rescued Anastasia and the two managed to escape the Kremlin, although they found themselves being chased by the Assassins.



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