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"There have always been people who lust for power and control. And there have always been people who oppose them."
―Darius to Kassandra, c. 429 BCE.[src]-[m]

Darius (fl. 480 BCE – 420s BCE), born Artabanus,[1] was the assassin of King Xerxes I of Persia. He was the father of several children, including Natakas and Neema, and later became the grandfather of Elpidios, Natakas' son with the Spartan misthios Kassandra. Through Elpidios, he was an ancestor of Aya of Alexandria, one of the co-founders of the "Hidden Ones", the precursors to the Assassin Brotherhood.

A member of the Persian elite, Darius fought to ensure Persia would forever remain free of tyranny. To this end, he and his allies formed a secret group committed to stopping Xerxes' plans. His assassination of Xerxes I in 465 BCE was the first recorded usage of the Hidden Blade, a weapon of his own creation which would, later on, become the iconic weapon of the Assassin Brotherhood. For this, Darius would be retroactively honored by the Assassins as one of their own.

Following Xerxes' assassination, Darius sought to kill his son and successor Artaxerxes I to prevent him from falling under the sway of the Order of the Ancients like his father. However, he was betrayed and stopped by his friend Amorges, who had decided to join the Order to bring peace to Persia. Left for dead and his group disbanded, Darius fled Persia with his family, though most of them were subsequently hunted down by the Order, leaving Darius alone with his son Natakas.

By 429 BCE, Darius and Natakas had settled in Makedonia, Greece, where they came into contact with Kassandra, who helped them eliminate the Order of Hunters, a branch of the Ancients led by Darius' former ally Pactyas. Years later, the two worked with Kassandra again, this time to eliminate the Order of the Storm led by the Tempest, who had set up a blockade around Achaia to prevent their escape from the Greek world.

Following the Tempest's defeat, Darius and Natakas decided to settle down in Achaia with Kassandra, becoming a family after Natakas and Kassandra had a son together, Elpidios. However, their quiet life in Achaia was short-lived, as they were soon tracked down by the Order of Dominion, led by Amorges, who killed Natakas and abducted Elpidios. Seeking revenge, Darius and Kassandra traveled to Messenia, where they eliminated the Order of Dominion, killed Amorges and found Elpidios. Fearing for her son's safety, Kassandra entrusted him to Darius, who subsequently took Elpidios to Egypt to start a new life.


Early life[]

"Yet for all their power, they couldn't protect you. Not from me."
―Darius to Xerxes as he assassinated him, 465 BCE.[src]-[m]
ACOD Darius assassinate Xerxes

Darius assassinating Xerxes

Artabanus was present at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BCE where he witnessed the Spear of Leonidas' full power.[2] At one point, he also fathered at least two children, Natakas and Neema.[3]

During the 5th century BCE, the Order of the Ancients supported the reign and conquests of the Achaemenid kings Darius I and his son Xerxes I.[4] Opposing the Persian kings' tyranny over the people, Artabanus and his allies Amorges, Pactyas, and others planned Xerxes' assassination in August 465 BCE. While Artabanus infiltrated Xerxes' convoy as it passed through a canyon, his Protectors attacked the king's guard as a distraction. With Xerxes left unprotected, Artabantus sneaked behind the king and stabbed him in the neck with his Hidden Blade, in what would become the first recorded use of the Assassins' iconic weapon.[5][6][7]

Escape from Persia[]

"We—we trusted him! Loved him! We were all as brothers, but he drew his blade against us! Did you not consider the cost? They'd be alive. Your mother, your siblings... He may as well have killed them himself."
―A dying Pactyas to Natakas on Darius's past, c. 429 BCE.[src]-[m]
ACOD LotFB Protector of Persia - Amorges and Darius Fighting

Darius stopped by his former friend Amorges

After Xerxes' son Artaxerxes I ascended the throne, Artabantus feared he too would be manipulated by the Order and thus plotted his assassination as a preemptive measure. However, his close friend Amorges opposed his decision and later joined the Order to bring "true peace" to Persia. As Artabantus was about to assassinate Artaxerxes, he was confronted by Amorges, who called for the guards. Branded a traitor and pursued by the Order, Artabantus fled Persia with his family, taking on the new name of Darius.[1]

When the Order failed to manipulate Artaxerxes to their side, they sought to have him dethroned and assassinated. Taking advantage of Darius' status as a fugitive, they used his name as a guise for the assassination,[8] working with Artaxerxes' brother Hystaspes. The assassin, using the guise of Darius, poisoned the young king, taking the man's sight, but was unsuccessful in his assassination attempt. Artaxerxes later spread the tale that Darius had succeeded, so that he might safely escape Persia.[9]

Hiding in Makedonia[]

During their escape from Persia, Darius lost both his wife and Neema to the Order, fleeing to Greece with only Natakas by his side. By the time of the Peloponnesian War, the two had managed to lose their pursuers and had taken refuge in an abandoned tomb in Makedonia. For a time, they managed to avoid being detected until the Order sent a branch to Greece to eliminate a "Tainted One" named Kassandra, who had gained a reputation as the "Eagle Bearer".[10]

Meeting Kassandra[]

"The Order of the Ancients. A powerful secret group who have controlled Persia across the reign of countless kings."
―Darius explaining the Order to Kassandra, c. 429 BCE.[src]-[m]
ACOD LotFB Hunted Promotional Image 02

Darius confronting Kassandra

Around 429 BCE, the Order of Hunters, led by Darius' former ally Pactyas, attacked the village of Potidaia in an attempt to draw Kassandra and eliminate her. While Natakas aided Kassandra against the Spartan soldiers employed by the Order, Darius eliminated the Order Elite leading them.[10] When Kassandra tracked the Order Elite and found his body, she was ambushed by Darius, who assumed the misthios had been sent by the Order. After briefly fighting her in an abandoned tomb, their duel was broken up by Natakas, who introduced Kassandra to his father.[7]

As Darius and Natakas returned to their hideout, the latter invited Kassandra to join them there so that she may get answers to her questions. When Kassandra arrived, Darius explained his past to her and invited her to fight against the Order, an offer the misthios reluctantly accepted, as she was distrustful of Darius and believed his claim to have assassinated Xerxes I to be fabricated.[7]

Hunting the Hunters[]

"Pactyas is dead, but the Order lives on. And with Amorges at their head, none of us are safe. He'll bring his full might against us—warriors, wit, cunning. He'll never stop hunting you. Or us."
―Darius to Kassandra following Pactyas' death, c. 429 BCE.[src]-[m]

Beginning their hunt of the Order of Hunters, Darius worked with Kassandra to track down the Ancient known as "the Conspirator" who was recruiting troops for the Order. The misthios infiltrated Olynthos Fortress and discovered an encoded note from the Conspirator discussing a ceremony that was to take place at a nearby farm that night. Darius and Kassandra waited for the ceremony to commence and subsequently killed the Conspirator. However, Kassandra became suspicious of Darius due to the amount of information he seemed to possess about the Order.[11]

ACOD LotFB Protector of Persia - Darius Natakas Arrive

Natakas and Darius joining Kassandra as they confront Pactyas

Once Kassandra had eliminated the remaining Ancients in Makedonia and defeated Pactyas, Darius and Natakas arrived and dealt with the last of his soldiers. As he died, Pactyas revealed that Darius had once been his friend, which prompted Darius to reveal his former alliance with Pactyas and Amorges to Kassandra and Natakas, as well as the true reason why he and his family had to flee Persia.[1]

After burying Pactyas, Darius met with Kassandra back at his and Natakas' hideout, where they informed the misthios that they would be leaving Makedonia soon, to go into hiding from the Order once more. They then bid Kassandra farewell as she promised to fight against the Order if they tracked her down again.[1]

Fighting the Order of the Storm[]

"We are not your enemies, Phila. The Order think they control you, that you're nothing more than an instrument who kills on command. Be more than that—don't let them take away your humanity. Stand... and fight!"
―Darius encouraging Phila, the Tempest, to redeem herself, 420s BCE.[src]-[m]

A few years after their encounter with Kassandra in Makedonia, Darius and Natakas traveled to Achaia, where they looked for a way to leave the Greek world. However, they were tracked down by the Order of the Storm, another branch of the Ancients led by the Tempest, who set up a blockade around Achaia with the help of the Spartan forces in the region. After Natakas went to secure passage for himself and his father aboard a ship and never returned, a concerned Darius wrote to Kassandra, requesting her aid.[12]

ACOD Stranger Tides 3

Darius reuniting with Kassandra in Achaia

Once Kassandra had arrived, Darius explained the situation to her and they went to search for Natakas, finding him trying to liberate several refugees held prisoner at the Teichos of Herakles.[12] After Kassandra freed the refugees, Natakas and Darius argued and the latter eventually acquiesced to help the refugees by dealing with the Order of the Storm.[13]

Setting up a hideout in Patrai within the hull of an unfinished ship, Darius spied on the Tempest's forces and learned that Gyras, the Tempest's chief engineer, wanted to flee Achaia. After Kassandra joined him, Darius directed her to the amphitheater, where Gyras was located, in order to interrogate him and learn more about the Tempest's newest weapon that the engineer was developing. After Gyras was murdered by the Ancient Megakreon for agreeing to help Kassandra, the misthios and Darius avenged his death by killing Megakreon and his guards.[14]

After helping Natakas and Kleta to sabotage the Order's operations around Achaia, weakening its position, Kassandra met with them and Darius to organize their final attack on the Tempest's fleet in order to remove the blockade and allow Darius, Natakas and the refugees to leave Achaia. Deciding they needed a place to hide in the meantime, Natakas took Kassandra to an abandoned home at the Ionian Watch, on a cliff looming over the village of Dyme. After hunting an ibex for dinner, Darius prepared to join them, but stopped when he heard Natakas seemingly scream in horror.[15]

ACOD Calm Before the Storm 6

Darius eavesdropping on Kassandra and Natakas

Readying his Hidden Blade, Darius prepared to ambush his son's attackers, but upon getting closer he discovered that it was just Natakas and Kassandra drinking and joking together. As he eavesdropped on their conversation, he learned that Natakas had been feeling lonely due to never getting the chance to make any friends, until meeting Kassandra. Darius smiled to himself as he began contemplating whether it was time for him and son to finally stop running from the Order and settle down.[15]

After Kassandra had destroyed the Tempest's fleet and mortally wounded the Ancient, Darius arrived to encourage the Tempest to turn away from the Order, which she agreed to do before succumbing to her wounds.[16] Afterwards, Darius and Natakas decided to go against their initial plan of leaving Greece and instead chose to stay with Kassandra in Achaia.[2]

A quiet life[]

Settling down[]

Kassandra: "Do you miss the excitement of living on the road, or do you enjoy the quiet life?"
Darius: "It's too quiet."
—Kassandra and Darius discussing their new lives, 420s BCE.[src]-[m]
ACOD The Simple Life 4

Darius and Kassandra by the fences of their home

Over time, Natakas developed a relationship with Kassandra, resulting in the birth of a child, Elpidios, who became Darius' grandson. The four lived together in the abandoned home at the Ionian Watch, where Darius and Natakas looked after Elpidios while Kassandra was away performing mercenary work. Darius enjoyed his newfound quiet life and spending time with his grandson, but constantly lived in fear that Amorges and the Order would eventually track them down.[2]

One day when Kassandra returned to Achaia from a contract, she went to collect shellfish with Natakas while Darius took Elpidios home to prepare dinner. Following dinner that night, Natakas took Elpidios to bed as Darius and Kassandra remained to talk, reflecting on the peaceful life they had.[17]

Attack on Dyme[]

Darius: "Go, get Elpidios out of here."
Natakas: "We'll leave together."
Darius: "No. I'll make sure the Order can't catch up to you."
—Darius volunteering to buy his family time to escape, 420s BCE.[src]-[m]

During their conversation, Darius and Kassandra spotted smoke in the distance and realized that it was coming from Dyme. Racing back to the village, they discovered that the Order of Dominion was attacking Dyme and that Amorges was leading them. After confronting his former friend, Darius helped Kassandra fight the Order's soldiers before searching for Natakas and Elpidios. Content that they were safe, Darius bid farewell to his family and trusted Kassandra to keep them safe while he would serve as bait to allow them to escape.[18]

ACOD A Flight in Fire 13

Darius waiting to ambush the Order

Setting up an ambush for the Order, Darius was caught by surprise by the Immortals, who nearly killed him before Kassandra came to his rescue. After the misthios defeated the Immortals, she and Darius raced to the shore where Kassandra had left Natakas and Elpidios, only to find the former dead and no sign of the latter. Devastated by the loss of his son, Darius blamed Kassandra for abandoning Natakas and Elpidios to save him, and left to exact revenge on the Order and find his grandson alone.[18]

Hunting the Order of Dominion[]

"We will set several fires. The smoke will force the helots to flee and draw Amorges' guards down from the mine."
―Darius explaining his plan to Kassandra and the Athenian general, 420s BCE.[src]-[m]

Darius managed to track the Order of Dominion to Messenia, where he set up a hideout in Aipeia to investigate the Order's activities in the region and hopefully find Amorges and Elpidios. Eventually he learned that the Order had complete control over Messenia and discovered the whereabouts of two of its members: an unnamed commander who was overseeing a large production of weapons and supervising imprisoned helots, and Dimokrates, who was negotiating a deal with the Cult of Kosmos to send reinforcements. He also managed to secure an alliance with an Athenian general against the Order, though the general was later captured, needing to be rescued.[19]

ACOD Answers from Ashes 3

Darius pinning Kassandra

During his investigation, Darius was unexpectedly reunited with Kassandra, who had also traveled to Aipeia and managed to find his hideout. Darius reluctantly allowed her to help and told her about his findings, claiming that they needed to cripple the Order's operations to draw Amorges out of hiding.[19] He subsequently worked with Kassandra to identify and assassinate Dimokrates during a meeting with the Cult.[20]

After Kassandra had investigated all of Darius' leads, she met up with him in order to prepare the last step of their plan. However, the misthios then received an invitation to meet the Ancient Gergis, which she decided to accept.[21]

Confronting Amorges[]

Darius: "There will always be tyrants..."
Amorges: "And there will always be you, my brother... to stop them..."
—Darius and Amorges reconciling prior to the latter's death, 420s BCE.[src]-[m]

Once the Order of Dominion had been weakened enough, Darius and Kassandra set fires in Aipeia to force the helots to flee, drawing the Order's attention. The two then split up to eliminate the soldiers sent by the Order, though Darius managed to capture one guard whom he interrogated with Kassandra's help. The solider revealed that the Order's headquarters was located in the Andania Mine, so Kassandra decided to go there while Darius helped their Athenian allies fight the Order's forces.[22]

ACOD Legacy of the First Blade memory Screenshot 16

Darius and Kassandra with a dying Amorges

Eventually Darius learned that Amorges was located at the Temple of Zeus and went there to confront him, arriving shortly after Kassandra. Darius tried to reason with his former friend and asked for Elpidios' whereabouts, but as Amorges refused do disclose them, he and Kassandra were forced to fight him. Darius eventually managed to disarm Amorges and tackle him down the hill.[23]

There, the mortally wounded Amorges revealed that Elpidios was located on an island south of Messenia and tried to warn them that the Order could not be destroyed, meaning that Kassandra and her family would never be safe. However, Darius reminded Amorges of their vow to always fight against tyranny, and the two old friends were able to reconcile before Amorges finally passed away.[24]

Finding Elpidios[]

"The Order was created for a purpose. If I can understand our enemy, I can outmaneuver them. I'll protect the boy, Kassandra—be a guardian to Elpidios and to all those who share his blood."
―Darius promising Kassandra that he will protect Elpidios, 420s BCE.[src]-[m]

Traveling to the island mentioned by Amorges, Darius and Kassandra were greeted by a young man carrying Elpidios, confirming Amorges' words that he would never hurt the infant. The man handed Elpidios back to his mother and introduced himself as Darius II, the son of King Artaxerxes I whom Darius had sought to assassinate decades prior. Believing that Artaxerxes had managed to escape the Order's manipulation, Darius called on the young prince to keep Persia safe.[24]

ACOD Legacy of the First Blade 28

Darius arriving in Egypt with Elpidios

Later, as Darius decided to leave Greece, Kassandra realized that Amorges' warnings about the Order were true and that Elpidios would never be safe with her. As such, she reluctantly chose to abandon her son and leave him in the care of Darius, who promised to protect the boy as they continued to evade the Order. Subsequently, Darius became a guardian to Elpidios and took him to Egypt, where he raised and trained his grandson in his ways.[24]


"It's an ancient blade that killed the tyrant Xerxes. A weapon of justice."
―Aya passing down Darius' Hidden Blade to Bayek, 48 BCE.[src]-[m]

Darius' teachings would be passed on from generation to generation through Elpidios until his distant descendant, Aya.[25]

By 48 BCE, Darius' Hidden Blade wound up in the hands of the pharaoh Cleopatra, who passed it on to Aya, her protector and agent. Aya eventually built a Hidden Blade of her own and gave Darius' blade to her husband, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, who went on to assassinate the Ancient Eudoros with it.[26] After Bayek and Aya founded the Hidden Ones, it became the signature weapon of their organization,[27] still used centuries later when their Brotherhood was rechristened as the Assassins.[5]

Darius ACoP

Darius' statue in the Sanctuary

By the 860s CE, the Greek Hidden One Itamos acquired a sketch of Darius' Hidden Blade and decided to send it to his fellow Hidden One Roshan at Alamut, believing that Darius would have wanted the sketch to return to his homeland.[28]

By the time of the Renaissance, Darius had become a legendary figure among the Assassins because of his deeds during the 5th century BCE, and he was posthumously honored as one of their own. A tomb dedicated to him was built beneath the Basilica di Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy. In 1478, the Italian Assassin Ezio Auditore explored the tomb and took the hidden seal from the tomb's sarcophagus, which later allowed him to obtain the Armor of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad sealed in the Sanctuary beneath the Villa Auditore in Monteriggioni, where a statues of Darius and other celebrated Assassins, had been erected.[29]

Personality and traits[]

"Children are wonderful... But to love so deeply is terrifying."
―Darius expressing his fear of settling down to Kassandra, 420s BCE.[src]-[m]

Darius devoted himself to his fight for freedom, seeking to protect his homeland of Persia from tyranny at all costs. However, in his desire to prevent the Order of the Ancients from taking power again following his assassination of Xerxes I, he was willing to kill Artaxerxes I despite the young king having done nothing wrong yet. This ended his friendship with Amorges, who had joined the Order to bring what he viewed as "true peace" to Persia, and Darius was subsequently branded a traitor, forcing him to flee Persia with his family. After most of his family was killed by the Order, Darius blamed himself for and was haunted by their deaths for the rest of his life.[30]

Amorges' betrayal also caused Darius to have severe trust issues. He was initially hostile towards Kassandra, even after learning that she was the "Eagle Bearer" targeted by the Order, and refused to disclose his past to her. Over time, however, he learned to open up more and warmed up to Kassandra, seeing her as family. He also decided to settle down with Kassandra alongside Natakas, despite the risks of the Order tracking them down, as he wished both his son and grandson to have a chance at a normal life.[30]

ACOD Legacy of the First Blade memory Screenshot 14

Darius reconciling with Amorges

Darius loved his family and was deeply affected by Natakas' death, setting out to exact revenge on the Order and rescue the kidnapped Elpidios by himself. This was in part due to him blaming Kassandra for failing to protect their family and refusing her help, though in time he forgave her and the two resumed their partnership. Darius was also able to reconcile with Amorges prior to the latter's death, having realized that despite his actions, his friend still believed in their initial goal of protecting Persia.[30]

After being informed by Darius II that Persia was at peace and prospering thanks to his father Artaxerxes, Darius realized that he had misjudged the king, who had not repeated his father's mistake of allowing himself to be manipulated by the Order. He subsequently decided to put his trust in Darius II that he would keep their homeland safe like his father.[24]

Skills and equipment[]

By the 420s BCE, despite his age, Darius had the strength and reflexes of a man half as old. According to Natakas, he never missed a day of his training regimen. He was skilled enough to match Kassandra in combat and trained with her regularly during the time they lived together. He was an expert at stealth, being able to appear and disappear at will, where even Kassandra couldn't track him. He preferred to work and assassinate silently rather than engage in open battle, though he proved to be a skilled duelist when the situation demanded it.[30]

Darius built and maintained his Hidden Blade by himself, considering it a "choice" to use it as his main weapon, with the skill required for its usage being part of the reason for him doing so.[14] Unlike most later users of the Hidden Blade, Darius wore his blade on the outside of his arm.[30]

Behind the scenes[]

Darius is a character first mentioned in the 2009 video game Assassin's Creed II, as the first Assassin to wield the Hidden Blade. Early artworks depict Darius with the Blade under his right arm but with no amputated fingers.

The character of Darius is loosely based on Artabanus of Persia, who historically served as regent of Persia for a short time after Xerxes I's death, and before that is believed to have been the king's vizier or head bodyguard. According to Aristotle's accounts, Artabanus murdered the Crown Prince Darius just prior to killing Xerxes himself. The Latin historian Justinus, however, offers an alternative account where Crown Prince Darius was executed for the patricide of Xerxes after being framed by Artabanus. Other accounts have Artabanus naming Artaxerxes I as king while he acted as the power behind the throne, and him being killed by Artaxerxes as revenge for his father's assassination.[31]

Darius made his first in-person appearance in Legacy of the First Blade, a three-part downloadable expansion for the 2018 video game Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, where he was voiced by the Canadian actor Michael Benyaer. With the Assassins' origins retconned in 2017's Assassin's Creed: Origins, Darius is no longer a proper Assassin, but rather a resistance fighter whose ideals matched those of the eventual Brotherhood.

Darius' age during the events of Legacy of the First Blade is a point of contention. If he had witnessed the Battle of Thermopylae in his youth in 480 BCE, it would place Darius' age at his late 60s by the time of the Peloponnesian War. If he was 20 at the time of the Battle of Thermopylae, the age required for full-time military service in the Persian Empire, [citation needed] he would have been born in 500 BCE and been in his 70s during the events of the DLC.

During the battle with Amorges at the end of Legacy of the First Blade: Bloodline, Darius executes a move wherein he jumps on Amorges' shoulders before back-flipping off to slice his sword down Amorges' back. This move resembles one used by the titular Prince in Ubisoft's 2003 game Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.



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